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All our services provide access to our web tracking panel, and our iOS/Android application, allowing you to track your fleet from the office, home or even on the go.

We can support endless numbers of vehicles, so no matter how small or large your fleet is, it won’t be an issue for our system.

multi vehicle fleet

Multi Vehicle Fleet Tracking

It is quite common that a company will have a fleet of vehicles with a wide variety of types. Our system can help your company very easily differentiate between your cars, vans and trucks, and allows grouping these accordingly. Running reports then become a breeze, and so does quickly identifying each vehicle.

car fleet

Car Tracking

Whether it is just for your personal vehicle, or for your fleet of company cars. We can offer our solution for both use cases.

Tracking your personal vehicle can be a great idea to provide peace of mind. Imagine knowing that if it was to be stolen, you would have its exact where abouts within seconds. Or if it was in the workshop, you could see how the mechanics are driving your pride and joy. The possibilities are endless.

can fleet

Van Tracking

We offer a great solution to tracking vans, allowing you to easily see when a van has arrived at a job, whether it is stuck in traffic, and also monitor use outside of business hours.

hgv fleet

HGV Tracking

We can provide tracking for HGV vehicles, helping your company abide by driving laws relating to the likes of maximum driving hours per day. We can help save your company money when it comes to fuel costs, identifying vehicles that are driving inefficiently, either leaving their engines running when not required, or repeatedly accelerating and decelerating.

plant fleet

Plant Tracking

We also provide a solution for heavy machinery, allowing you to see when vehicles are in use and which site they are located at. This can make the process of getting a required machine to another site much more fluid. You could login, see where the required vehicles are located, and decide which is the closest to the site it needs to be at.

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