At Camtrack, we help our clients reduce cost and risk factors & increase productivity within their business using our simple and easy to use platform.

Different businesses have different use cases for a tracking system. A few quick examples would be:

A delivery company may need to see where a driver is located for a customer that has called asking where their delivery is. They may also wish to see routes drivers are taking to ensure that they are taking the most economical route.

A vehicle rental company may need to track their vehicles to protect against cases of theft, or to identify customers that are abusing their vehicles, as this will increase maintenance costs.

A company offering company cars to employees may wish to ensure the cars are not been used outside of business use, or monitor how the vehicles are been driven to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Cutting Costs

We can help your business cut costs, as our tracking system can:

Reduce insurance premiums – Depending on your insurance provider, they could offer a discount for tracked vehicles.

Reduce fuel consumption per vehicle – Smaller fuel bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs – Reducing excess mileage means less frequent servicing requirements.

Identify unauthorised mileage – Easily spot when a vehicle is been used outside of business hours without approval.

Increase profit per job – Combining the above factors results in more profit per job.

Increase Productivity

Track vehicles in real time – Instantly identify where a vehicle is, removing the requirement to contact drivers to find out where they are.

Reduce journey times – Plan the most ideal route, and have the ability to identify vehicles closest to the job.

Instant notifications when a vehicles arrives/departs a location – Know exactly what time a vehicle arrived/left the depot, or job site.

Securely and easily access information online – Ability to quickly login to find out the information you need at any given time.

Provide accurate information against targets – Use of our reporting system makes it easy to provide targets to drivers, and/or clients.

Reduce Risk & Increase Security

Monitor excessive speeding – Easily identify which drivers are speeding and where.

Comply with working hours directives – Identify which vehicles are been used when they shouldn’t be, and which drivers have been working too long.

Track the location of stolen assets – Ability to track and follow any assets that have been reported stolen, also reducing insurance premiums.

Alerts for out of the ordinary events – Set up alerts for if a vehicle brakes harshly or is started outside set hours for example.

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